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We provide a lively, fun, stimulating and secure facility to help support those with memory loss, social isolation and other physical ailments. Individually designed personal care for those suffering from Dementia with special emphasis on personal care and activities of daily living, including personal grooming. Completely staffed by State Tested Nursing Assistant (STNA) and Registered Nurses to ensure rapid response to healthcare needs. Transportation to and from home with special arrangement

For your loved one we provide..

  • a meeting place where your loved one can connect with others to help reduce loneliness/isolation
  • a communal environment with lots of support system
  • various activities designed to stimulate mind and body such as art, cooking, outings, games, gardening, music, and other scheduled events
  • an emphasis in promoting independence through physical and emotional activities to enhance individual strength, and flexibility.
  • special attention to personal care needs
  • rehabilitation therapy provided by physical therapist assistants.

How you benefit...

knowing that your loved one is safe and enjoying his/her day will give you a peace of mind allowing you to go on with your day.
Very affordable rates makes easier to have time for yourself without stress or worry.
Ease of having some one come to your home and pick up your family member (surrounding areas).
Availability of staff to answer any questions about the care of your loved one.